International Messianic Prayer Retreat
June 13-16, 2024
Cologne, Germany
Retreat speakes
Craig Johnson
Is Associate Pastor in Lakewood Church. Craig is the creator of many programming tools for children's ministry, as well as programs for kids with special needs. USA
Andrey Shapoval
Is a pastor and evangelist, author, founder of Flame of Fire Ministry that aims to take the Gospel of the Kingdom of God to every corner of the earth. USA
Boris Grisenko
Boris Grisenko -Rabbi of the world's largest Messianic Jewish congregation, KJMC, Ukraine, Doctor of Theology of CLST. The restoration of the biblical truth in its fullness and the union of the body are key directions in his ministry. Ukraine
Welcome to a unique event - a time of worship, prayer, and miracles for believers from around the world
Join the International Prayer Retreat of Unity where our prayers will rise up to the heavens, filling our hearts with praise. Discover the life-changing reality of God!
IMPORTANT: To ensure safety at the event, the organizing committee has the right to refuse registration for the Retreat or ask for a reference from your pastor.
Children and teenagers
up to 12 years
5 €
1-day retreat participation
20 €
5 €
Participants from Ukraine
Discount for ministers
7 €
Refugee from Ukraine who lives in Europe
I believe young people are looking for authenticity in life. They don't want fakes. Social media and the internet are rife with fakes. And when they see guys who hunger and worship God, that's enough to attract them. Young people are hooked on the real thing. They're tired of the fake stuff.
Pastor Nathan Zink
I enjoyed the dancing so much. Because in the Bible we see the people of Israel shouting for joy and praising the Lord. But in churches we often don't see that. And here the joy really shows up, and you know, people are raising their voices and shouting praises to the Lord. And it's beautiful.
I think that the most impact will not be felt at the retreat itself, but afterward now we have been through this series of retreat events in Haifa, Odessa, and now Cologne. You feel this anointing, you see how well it works, and thank God we are very impressed...
Rabbi Vladimir Lieberman
Odessa. Ukraine
What makes this retreat and the Ukrainian retreats I have participated in so unique, among other things, is the intensity of the prayer and how it harmonizes with the music. When the prayer is powerful and then followed by praise. I think this whole current flow is very unique in the Jewish Messianic movement.
Rabbi Jonathan Bernays
Steinstraße 15, 50259, Pulheim
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